ZOO-Project 1.4.0 is available

lundi 15 Décembre 2014 ZOOWPS

ZOO-Project 1.4.0

Sun is shining on the WPS savannah and ZOO-Project 1.4.0 was just released last week. Feedbacks from the core developers at GeoLabs.

After a year since 1.3, we would like to highlight two major improvements here which are making ZOO an even more useful and reliable WPS platform. Check out the official release note for the full list of newly added features and enhancements.

Safer and faster WPS Kernel

Fist of all, we've been hunting and fixing memory leaks for a while, and we are glad to tell you that the ZOO-Kernel source code is now almost leak-free. This allows us to maintain a cleaner code base and makes it easier to optimize according to our needs and the WPS standard. Using the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) 1.0.0 Conformance Test Suite, we could also make sure ZOO-Kernel 1.4.0 is fully compliant, with 100% of the GetCapabilities, DescribeProcess and Execute requests successfully passed as shown bellow.

Some other advanced optimisations of the FastCGI mode were then implemented, leading to a two times faster ZOO-Kernel. Today we are able to benchmark ZOO-Kernel 1.3 and ZOO-Kernel 1.4 using Apache benchmark and the CPTesting suite we've been working on lately. Here are some results plotted for several GetCapabilities and DescribeProcess requests sent to the two different ZOO-Kernels.

You would of course download the latest trunk and compile it FastCGI in order to appreciate the differences when it comes to Execute.

Client side WPS API

On a slightly different yet awesome topic, you may also have noticed a new ZOO-Client directory at the root of the ZOO-Project 1.4.0 trunk. We are indeed introducing a client side WPS API for the first time inside this new release. Built on top of the RequireJS and the Hogan / Mustache templating system, ZOO-Client aims at simplifying the way one calls ZOO Services and develops client side WPS applications. Some examples and additional documentation will soon be added to the ZOO website. Stay tuned.

Enjoy ZOO-Project 1.4.0 and happy processing !